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How would you like to make $10,000 a year for the next 5 to 10 years or longer referring Doctors, YOUR DOCTOR to our Pulse4Pulse Cardio Risk Assessment Program! This program helps First Responders, Family Members and ANYONE detect Cardio and Blood Circulation issues! You will be helping to save lives! At the same time, Doctors in this program can add $200,000 or more per year to their bottom-line! Partners in Our Program are paid $833 every month or $10,000.00 a year for every Doctor they Refer! If the Doctor qualifies and sign-up for the Program, you get paid Monthly for EVERY Month your referred Doctor stays in the Program! 


To be considered for Our Partnership Program you must submit the required information below.

  1. Watch this Video: This 12-minute video will demonstrate how the Pulse4Pulse Testing works. Click Here.
  2. Enroll Below: Fill in your information Below and Submit. We will receive notification of your submission.
  3. Await Approval: You will receive an Email If You Are Accepted into Our Partnership Program.  Submission is not a Guarantee of Acceptance.
  4. If your Submission is Approved: You will receive an Email from us, and your Social Security Number or Tax ID Number will be required. This is for Tax Purposes. (1099)


Whether you Have a Doctor, know a Doctor or want to Solicit Doctors on our behalf, you Must Fill Out a Physician Referral Form  

  • Once we Receive Your Referral: We will contact the Doctor Office and verify their information and interest in The Program. We also verify whether or not another Partner in Our Program did not speak with the practice you referred. If someone has already referred a Doctor to Pulse4Pulse, you will not be credited with that referral.
  • We Will Then:  Go over the Program Details with them and answer any questions or concerns they may have.
  • If your referred Doctor is interested in Joining the Program: We will send them our 1-page Application via email, or they can apply on Our Website
  • All Referred Doctors MUST Qualify for The Program: A Practice Pro Forma is done on each Practice to help Pulse4Pulse determine a practice profitability and to set Practice Goals. Each Practice must be able to support a certain level of patients to Qualify for the Program.
  • Unique URL: As part of Our Partnership Program, you will be provided with your own Unique URL and Basic Marketing Tools. You can share your link with Doctors that might be interested in Our Program.


For every referred Doctor that Qualifies and signs up for Our Program, you will EARN $833 Per Month or $10,000.00 Per Year! (They must stay enrolled in The Program and meet The Program minimum requirements!) You will be notified via email if your Referred Doctor has fallen below the minimum requirements, is not testing Patients or no longer in Business. If any of these requirements are not met, your Monthly Commission for that Account Only will be adjusted or no longer payable! 

  • Commission: $833 Per Month or $10,000.00 Per Year (over 12 months) for your referred Doctor. This payment continues for as long as your referred Doctor is in the Program and meeting the Minimum Requirements!
  • Commission will be Debited Directly into your provided Bank Account or through another Preferred Payment Method. 
  • Commission is Non-Taxable: We will not withhold any Payroll Taxes from your Monthly Commissions. In essence, you are an Independent Contractor (1099) and will receive a 1099 statement at the End-Of-The-Year. You will be responsible for your Own Taxes!
  • When do you start getting paid: Monthly Commissions start about 90 days after your referred Doctor application is submitted and approved. It takes about 4 Weeks for Pulse4Pulse to get your Doctor Set-up and another 45 Days for Insurance Billing to take effect. Once everything is in place, Monthly Commission will start!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Monthly Commissions start about 90 days after your referred Doctor application is submitted. 

  • How many Doctors can I Refer: There is No Limited to the number of Doctors you can refer. All referrals must Qualify for the Program.
  • What if someone has already referred your Doctor: If someone has already referred a Doctor to Pulse4Pulse, you will not be credited with that referral.
  • Can I Refer in Other States: Absolutely! Pulse4Pulse operates in all 50 states. Simply fill out the Doctor Referral Form Online.
  • How long has Pulse4Pulse been in Business: Pulse4Pulse has been in Business since 2017.
  •  Will my Monthly Commission Change: No. As long as your referred Doctor remains in the Program and maintains their minimum testing goals, you will continue to receive your monthly commission. If the drop below their minimum or they are no longer in The Program, Commissions will end for that particular account.


SS# or Tax ID# Required Upon Approval for Tax Purposes.

By checking this box, you agree to our terms & conditions